El Lagar

01 Oct in Mendoza

Carmelo Patti is a one-man, wine-making legend in Mendoza.

His Bodego “El Lagar” has no sign, only a number, and as you walk down a narrow alley you come across a warehouse, a gravel courtyard, and an old cement corridor leading to a modest number of tanks and barrels. He has no full time employees, and yet his wines are loved all over the world.

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Carmelo Patti in his Bodega

As the wine ages in bottles, Carmelo controls temperature in the warehouse using styrofoam boards.

The Store Room

After renting tanks in other wineries for years, Carmelo finally bought his own bodega in the late nineties.

Amongst the tanks

Carmelo talks passionately about his wines

His varieties

He’s a perfectionist and will not not releasing a vintage when it fails to meet his own high standards. “No quiero hacerlo commercial” he says – “I don’t want to do it commercially”.

Carmelo Patti